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Metropolis Coffees Chicago Coffees and Teas is proud to partner with Metropolis Coffee Company and become their exclusive distributor to finer restaurants and hotels in the Chicagoland area.

Metropolis Coffee Company is a nationally award-winning father and son owned coffee house and roasteria on Chicago's north side, specializing in hand selected, high quality, small batch craft roasted coffees, with an emphasis on sustainability. Explore the finest quality coffees from across the globe with Metropolis Coffees range of freshly roasted single origin and blended coffees.

When you partner with Chicago Coffees and Teas, Metropolis Coffee will provide you and your organization with an in-depth, hands-on coffee experience. As part of our commitment to superior client service, restaurant and hotel representatives are invited to join us for an exclusive tour and cupping at the Metropolis Coffee roasting facility. View their small batch roasting process, taste their award-winning fresh roasted coffees and cup fresh varietals from around the world.

Metropolis Coffees

  • Redline Espresso Redline Espresso Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Chocolate, Fruit, Spice, Honey Body: Rich, Well Constructed, Neat Acidity: Focused & Centered Origin: Ingredients: Redline Espresso is a truly distinctive and rewarding blend. Its richness runs down the center like a racing stripe, leaving a trail of cocoa, honey, lavender, and a mild merlot-like fruit in the finish. The flavors translate perfectly in milk and are even amplified in sweetness making for a marvelous latte or cappuccino.
  • Schweik's Blend Schweik's Blend Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Light Flavor: Mandarin Orange, Caramel, Shortbread Body: Buttery Acidity: Sparkling and Floral Origin: Ingredients: Delicacy and elegance are what makes this cognac-like blend so unique. The jasmine and orange notes give way to buttery shortbread and a mild caramel ties it all together. This is a light and refreshing spring and summer brew that's nuances, though subtle, can astonish.
  • Spice Island Spice Island Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Dark Flavor: Spice, Cocoa and Herbal like Sage, Walnut Body: Dense and Balanced Acidity: Herbal Origin: Ingredients: Spice Island is a blend of Indonesian and South American coffee that we put together to highlight the mild spiciness and sweet-dry walnut and pecan notes of its components. Spice Island is full bodied, but its dry finish is clean and sweet.
  • La Cordillera Blend La Cordillera Blend Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Pecan and walnut accented by stone fruit, with a toffee finish Body: Soft yet full Acidity: Focused Origin: Ingredients: La Cordillera is a mountain range running through South and Central America, and some of the world's best washed coffees grow along its steep walls. La Cordillera has flavors of toffee and pecan, with a stone fruit's acidity. This is a terrific breakfast blend and sweetens even more in milk.
  • Prospero Summer Blend Prospero Summer Blend Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Peach, pomegranate, plum, pecan Body: Medium Acidity: Crisp, Dry Origin: Ingredients: Perfectly pairing peach and pomegranate, Prospero propels a poignant personality. Punctuating a percussive pedigree, it painstakingly presses a peculiar, pale plum, perched on the palette. Proceeding to plateau with a poised, pecan payoff. Prepare yourself and proceed, Prospero has the propensity to please any Prig, Princox, Patch, or Pedant.
  • Lake City Blend Lake City Blend Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Pecan, chocolate Body: Malty Acidity: Mellow Origin: Ingredients:
  • Costa Rica Perla Negra Costa Rica Perla Negra Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Grape, Strawberry, Pineapple Body: Medium Acidity: Clean and crisp Origin: Ingredients: Farm/COOP: Chacon Family Las Lajas Estate Region:Alajuela Process: Full Natural Elevation: 1300-1500masl
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aylele Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aylele Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Light Flavor: Lemon, peach, melon Body: Supple Acidity: Bright, Crisp Origin: Ingredients: Owner: Aylele Farm/COOP:YCFCU Region: Yirgacheffe Process: Fully Washed, Dried on raised beds Elevation: 1900m
  • Sumatra Gayo Badak Rhino Sumatra Gayo Badak Rhino Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Dark Flavor: Light fruit, tobacco, leather Body: Big Acidity: Muted Origin: Ingredients: Farm/COOP: Various small shareholders / Region: Gayo / Process: Wet Hulled / Elevation: 1200masl
  • Honduras Monte El Virgin Honduras Monte El Virgin Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Sweet Potato, stone fruit, sweet pea Body: Big Acidity: Balanced Origin: Ingredients: Farm/COOP: Pedro Joel Fiallos COOP / Region: Monte El Virgen, Lempira / Process: Fully Washed, Patio Dried
  • Decaf Xeno's Blend Decaf Xeno's Blend Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Earthy, Mossy, with Dark Chocolate and Almond Milk Body: Full Acidity: Low Origin: Ingredients: The Fair Trade and Organic decaf offering is a full bodied cup with classic Indonesian characteristics. Earthy and herbal flavors give way to deep dark chocolate and a sweet almond milk aftertaste. A little bolder than our Decaf Redline if you are looking for a big bodied decaf coffee.
  • Decaf Redline Decaf Redline Producer: Metropolis Coffee Roast: Medium Flavor: Dark Cocoa, Berry, Nutty Body: Medium But Long-Lasting Acidity: Balanced Origin: Ingredients: Our signature decaf blend always surprises with its refined sweetness and neat body and its long chocolaty finish. Decaf Redline is a treat for any coffee drinker, and a great pairing with dessert. It also makes an outstanding decaf espresso as either a shot or with milk.
  • Decaf Lake City Blend Decaf Lake City Blend Producer: Metropolis Roast: Medium Flavor: Sugar cane, raisin Body: Weighty Acidity: Low Origin: Ingredients:

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