Service & Training


Unparalleled Client Service

All Chicago Coffees service technicians are trained in operating coffee brewers and espresso machines to roaster specifications, equipment calibration, cleaning and maintenance. This not only provides quality assurance, it also provides extra support and service to ensure that you offer the ultimate coffee experience for your clientele from bean to cup.

Chicago Coffees also provides you with ongoing support and quarterly quality control visits where we recalibrate equipment and perform preventative maintenance checks. Clients also receive 24/7 emergency assistance with service technicians who will respond immediately to keep any inconvenience to you and your customers to the absolute minimum.

In-Depth Staff Training

Chicago Coffees recognizes that a memorable coffee experience begins with high-quality coffee, but depends on precisely calibrated equipment and skillful preparation. When you partner with Chicago Coffees, your staff will receive in-depth, hands-on staff training by our Roaster Certified staff. This training program is ongoing and we offer sessions to update and refine the techniques of your existing staff as well as train new staff.

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